Hello! My name is Eric J. Cockrell.

I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, website developer, and all around well rounded, marketing professional. You'll find my blog on this page, featuring articles about my areas of expertise; in both the business field, as well as the music industry. Above you'll find links to examples of my work, below you'll find more examples and further information.

Does My Band Need SEO?

I heard a musician ask this recently and the person he was talking to went into a sales pitch about the importance of SEO to an internet marketplace.  Generally he may be right.  I work with many corporate clients whom I perform SEO work for, and they really do need it to be seen.  But in some cases it really… Read more →

Flaming Side of the Moon? Companion albums?

Silent Side of the Moon by The Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe So, in full disclosure, this article just underwent a massive rewrite, and the Flaming Lips got me with this stupid April Fools joke. Kudos, Flaming Lips, I felt like a dope. If you’re not familiar with the story, basically the group has released Flaming Side of the Moon, which… Read more →

Hot Tips: You Need To Collect Email Addresses

Show Notes: In this video Evey breaks down why email lists are your most important asset. Video produced by Eric J Cockrell 5B Music Marketing Theme by Mike Felumlee Evey, our spokeswoman, comes to us courtesy of Grow Video. Visit them online at www.growvideo.co. Of hire Evey directly from her Fiverr gig at www.fiverr.com/evgrowvideo. Read more →

3 Smart Social Media Post Ideas While In the Studio

So, I’ve got a band that’s in the studio right now recording an album and that’s got my mind reeling with post ideas to do while recording an album to keep people interested. Fans love behind-the-scenes stuff. They don’t know how much work and how boring and redundant studio sessions can be. They would give anything to be in the… Read more →