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Original Blister Website (circa 1995)
and if your best friend is acting like a dick, fuck him too. 
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Who is Blister?

When punk band Blister split in the summer of 1995, they were largely unknown. "Wellington Punk", as they referred to it, was a small riff in this genre's history -- not much to shout about and even less to speak of. But speak, we shall! Longtime music marketer, Eric J. Cockrell, has amped up the volume to help breathe new life into Blister, sharing the band's story with the angsty account, garage band banter and hardcore observations of lead singer/guitarist, Bert Brixley (AKA Blister).

Blister is a teenager in a punk band looking for his place in an evolving world. He thinks he's got things figured out, but he is continually challenged by everyday issues—you know…girls, jerks, and the age old question, “Am I punk enough?” Can one ever really be punk enough? Answers to these questions and how Blister navigates his world along with his conspiracy theorist best friend and bandmate, Harvey Schnieder, whom he refers to as a "perpetual fifth-grader" puts punk in perspective and rebellion within reach.

If you've ever had to deal with meeting girls at funerals, dressing as a costumed character just to get a job, ducking in a field of grass to hide from the cops with an asshole you hate, battling an addiction to buttercream frosting, outrunning a hot girl's thug boyfriend, or trying not to punch your best friend's dickhead older brother in the face; this book’s for you.


How was I supposed to deal?

About The AuthorS

Herbert Brixley Rock Star

Herbert "Blister" Brixley is a music instructor at a local high school. Bert has played casually as a guitarist and frontman for a couple bands, including "Blister" as well as spending time as frequent studio guitarist for a variety of local recording studios.

Bert hopes his story is entertaining and inspiring for young punk kids looking for their own place in the world of music.


Eric J Cockrell Author/Illustrator

Eric J Cockrell is a Chicago based author/illustrator of anything from books and comic books to album covers to logos and letterheads. Eric is a traditionally trained illustrator, having graduated from The American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree.

Other Work: Defective Comics (2015-Current), Giant-Size Adhesive Man (2012), Adhesive Man (2009)